Thank you for contacting me.  If you are a parent who would like to contribute a story about your experiences, please describe your idea in your message or any other information.  Your contact information is always kept confidential.

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I am looking for:

  • Articles or resources directed to caregivers of children, teenagers, or young adults with serious behavioral disorders, include mental illness, addictions, or other conditions negatively affecting the person’s brain and behavior.  I am happy to credit the author, include a brief bio, and provide links to credible resources that readers might benefit from.
  • Opportunities for speaking at gatherings or submitting articles or opinion pieces on children’s mental health
  • Connections with mental health providers, parents who do peer counseling, and bloggers with similar focus
  • Parents with a story or perspective that they write themselves, or that I can develop into an article.  If you’ve “been there,” your experiences and insights can be extremely helpful to others.


Your views help other readers.