Thank you very much for contacting me.

  • If you want more information about my services, please provide a little information about what you need and about your situation in the message box.  I will contact you quickly.  We can also discuss by phone—I ask that a call be limited to about 30 minutes.  There is no charge.

I’m looking for parents’ stories because their experiences can really help others who read this blog. Your identity (and your child’s) will be kept anonymous unless you say otherwise.  Please briefly describe your idea in your message.  Thank you.

For other inquiries:

  • I am always looking for articles or resources for parents and caregivers of children, teenagers, or young adults with behavioral disorders. These may include mental illness, addictions, or other conditions affecting a child’s and life.  I will credit the author, include a brief bio, and provide links to resources that might benefit readers.
  • For myself, I am available for speaking engagements and seminars, and for submitting articles or opinion pieces on children’s mental health.
  • I also seeks connections with mental health providers, parents who do peer counseling, and exchange information or advice on how we can do a better job for parents.



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